Yes, We Can.

At Team Ari, that’s our vision: to keep reminding ourselves, as well as all those around us, that we are capable. No matter what others may think of our abilities, if we believe it, we can achieve it. And us?  We believe in positivity. We believe in optimism. We believe in kindness. Most of all, we believe we can cross any finish line. Our goal is to help you start believing, too…and we hope you’ll never stop.

What we do

Team Ari is a mother-daughter duo comprised of Kelli Tanghe and Arianna Tanghe. We compete in endurance races across California to raise awareness for the inclusion of physically challenged and assisted athletes…all with a huge smile on our faces! Look out America and the world…we’re coming for you!

Who we are

We’re the optimists. We’re the hopefuls. We’re the ‘let’s try it again’ girls. We don’t give up. We just happen to run, too. Which makes sense: running is who we are!


Kelli Tanghe is a grizzled running veteran with over eight years of marathons and ultramarathons under her belt, including two trips to Boston. For almost a decade, her loving husband Michael has bought donuts post-run and humored her obsession with an ice-cold Diet Coke after a good 20 miler. A mother to three children, Kelli has run over mountain, land and bridge with her eldest, Lindsay, age 26, her middle, Nick, age 24 and now her youngest, Arianna, age 14. She’s also a die hard New York Yankees fan.


Arianna Tanghe is the little miss that wouldn’t take no for an answer. Born into a family of athletes, she longed to hit the road with her mom like her older siblings. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy and legally blind, Ari has let no challenge stop her. She’s overcome the odds to walk, talk and lead a full, enriching life. There’s only one thing more she’d really like to do: meet her favorite singer, Katy Perry!

MikeyMichael Tanghe is The Captain. Need a driver to a race? Captain’s on it. Need a super navigator? Yep, we got him. Need “The Best Crewman of All Time”? Yes, that’s him. He even wakes up at 4 a.m. sometimes to get Team Ari where they need to be. Best part of all? He is Team Ari. Without him, we wouldn’t race!

How we got started

Arianna is much like any other fourteen year old. She loves the computer, music, going to the movies, and just having a good time with her family and friends. But unlike many other a fourteen year old, she has cerebral palsy and visual impairment.

When Ari entered middle school, she voiced her desire to compete in sports just like her older brother and sister, who have been very athletic all their lives. After hearing Ari’s wishes, mom Kelli and dad Michael decided that they needed to act on Ari’s dream and make it happen for their daughter.

On September 1st, 2012, Team Ari rolled into existence: Kelli pushed Arianna in her first 5k race in her wheelchair. With the support and love of her family, Ari has completed many more races successfully and is now using an adaptive racing wheelchair that enables Kelli to push her with more ease.

In April 2013, Team Ari honored Ari’s 13th birthday and entry into adolescence with their “Celebrate 13 Challenge” by running 13 half-marathons. What’s in the works next? Well, Ari seems to have her heart set on a triathlon…stay tuned folks!


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