Challenged Athlete Foundation Names Team Ari to its 2015 #TeamCAF

On April 1st, 2015, the Challenged Athlete Foundation named Team Ari a grant recipient for its 2015 roster !

Mom Kelli had been waiting patiently since  putting in an application for herself and Ari in November.

The grant award is particularly touching for both Kelli and Ari, as the Challenged Athlete Foundation has, for nearly 20 years, worked to recognize the athletic greatness inherent in all people with physical challenges and to support their athlete endeavors by providing unparallelled sports opportunities that lead to success in sports-and in life.

Both Team Ari and the CAF share a desire to promote inclusion for physically challenged athletes of all shapes, ages, sizes and abilities.

Team Ari plans to use its grant money to fund equipment for a future triathlon. More news to come!

For more information about the CAF, please visit:


3 thoughts on “Challenged Athlete Foundation Names Team Ari to its 2015 #TeamCAF

  1. So glad for you, I can imagine what a pride bringing moment it must be for you both. We here in Iowa have you in out hearts and minds every time a Marathon is mentioned, we kn0w you are living your dream. God Bless Team Ari.


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